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Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School

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Governing Body


The Saltersgate Junior School Governing Body consists of 12 members including the Headteacher.

Some Governors have specific responsibilities, these are shown adjacent to their name.

Name Category Body Appointed Date of Appointment Term Committees

Position &



2019 to 2020

5 Meetings

Ms Charley Adams Co-opted Governing Body 26.11.2019  3 Years

 REST Committee, School Visits


Religious Education



Mr Ian Allgood Parent Parents  Resigned 4 Years

Staff Disciplinary

Pay & Performance Management

School Visits 





Mr Michael Bent Co-opted Governing Body 11.07.2020 3 Years



Mr Paul Chambers Headteacher Headteacher 24.11.2016 3 Years

REST Committee

CAST Committee

School Visits 



Miss  Amy Coates Co-opted  Governing Body 18.06.2019  3 Years

 Headteacher's Performance Management



Mrs Iris Foster Co-opted Governing Body


3 Years CAST Committee, Pay & Performance Management Appeals/Parental Complaint, Staff disciplinary Appeals Literacy  
Mrs Kelly Hemmingway Parent Governing Body




4 Years Pay & Performance Management Appeals, Staff disciplinary Appeals Computing 100%
Miss Jessica Herbert Co-opted Governing Body


3 Years REST Committee, Pay & Performance Management


Disadvantaged Pupils/Inclusion Music

Looked After Children/Child Protection

Mrs Suzanne Lindley Staff Staff 24.11.2017 3 Years


CAST Committee 


Mrs Katy McKie Co-opted Governing Body



4 Years

 CAST Committee



Mrs E Sutton Co-opted Governing Body 05.03.2019 3 Years

Staff Disciplinary Committee, School visits




Mr Richard Vernon Co-opted Governing Body Resigned 3 Years

 School Visits Committee

Special Educational Needs & Equality


Mrs Andrea Webber Parent Governing Body 25.09.2017  4 Years

REST Committee

CAST Committee

Staff Disciplinary

Pay & Performance Management

Parental Compliant

School Visits

Headteacher's Performance Management Review


Special Educational Needs/Equality

Disadvantaged Pupils/Inclusion

Looked After Children/Child Protection




Register of Governor Interests 

Name of Governor Any Interest Declared
Details of any Business Interest Details of any other Educational Establishment where they are Governors Detail of any relationships with other Governors/
Staff Members
Ms Charley Adams Yes None None Related through marriage
Mr Michael Bent
Mr Paul Chambers No None None Related through marriage
Miss Amy Coates No None None None
Mrs Iris Foster No None None None
Mrs Kelly Hemmingway
Miss Jessica Herbert Yes DMBC Employee/Scout Leader None None
Mrs Suzanne Lindley No No None None
Mrs Katy McKie No None None None
Mrs Emma Sutton Yes Owner of Custom Cakes None None
Mrs Andrea Webber No None None None