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At Saltersgate Junior School we aim for all pupils to be confident and enthusiastic mathematicians who are fluent in using number facts and can reason to solve a variety of problems.  We encourage collaborative learning in order to promote mathematical discussion and we aim for all to reach their potential.  Maths permeates through all other subjects and pupils are encouraged to use it throughout all of their learning.

Maths Intent

 For all pupils to be sufficiently challenged and for there to be an ambitious curriculum to promote outstanding outcomes for all.

For all pupils to recognise the importance of maths in the wider world and to be able to relate their learning to real-life contexts.

For pupils to connect their learning and to use it in a wide range of contexts.

To develop pupils' curiosity about the subject and to nurture a resilient attitude where they ask and answer many qu News & Events estions.


Maths Implementation

At Saltersgate, we teach the National Curriculum for maths using a variety of resources, including:  White Rose Maths and NCETM documents to ensure there is progression.  Our maths lessons ensure pupils have sufficient opportunities for fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. 

Lesson Structure;

Each lesson focuses on one clear learning objective (shared with the pupils) which all children are expected to master; extension activities enable those children who grasp the objective rapidly to extend their learning by exploring it at greater depth.

Each lesson includes the elements of: fluency, to practise skills; reasoning to deepen understanding; and problem-solving to apply skills.


Maths Impact

Children will know more, remember more and understand more about maths.

The large majority of children will achieve age related expectations in maths whilst a significant proportion will achieve above age related expectations at the end of each year.

 As numeracy learners, children will embed lessons from maths to influence the outcomes of their lives in the future. 


Please find planning documents below.  These are our overall plans but we use daily assessment to adapt these where necessary.