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Music Activities



Young Voices 2019 

Below are the songs to practise for the Young Voices event.

Track 1      Thank you for the days

Track 2      Moana Mashup

Track 3      Fight Song

Track 4      A little can change our world

Track 5      Any dream will do

Track 6      An American folk odyssey

Track 7       It's a swing thing

Track 8      You gotta be

Track 9      You gotta be (Part 2)

Track 10     We are the world

Track 11    Viva la Vida

Track 12    Tonight belongs to us

Track 13     Pop Medley

Track 14    Greatest Showman (Part 1)

Track 15    Greatest Showman (Part 2)

Track 16    Greatest Showman (Part 3)




Name of club & Activities

Time and Place

Which children/ year groups

Adult(s) & Clubs   in charge







12.00pm – 12.30pm in Sports Hall


3.45pm to 5.00pm in Sports Hall

All children in every year group


All Children in every year group



All Children in every year group

Miss Boyd and Mrs Isle


Miss Boyd and Mrs Isle




Miss Boyd and Mrs Isle





12.00pm - 12.30pm in Sports Hall

Our choir is open to all children in the school. Come along and try the choir any time. Through songs and games, you will improve your musicianship and singing technique.

As well as learning songs, you will be taught musicianship skills such as rhythmic patterns, structure, scales, triads and to sing in harmony. Vocal technique is also included in the sessions through the warm-up and polishing songs.

Singing in a choir is great fun and the benefits are not only for the singer. If you are learning an instrument, singing will improve other musicianship skills such as breathing, posture and coordination. Reading and memory skills also improve through learning the songs and for the choir to perform well, working as a team is essential.