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In October 2013 we registered with Doncaster Children’s University™ as a ‘Learning Destination’ and held a celebration launch assembly with the whole school which was very exciting!


What is a learning destination?

              A Learning Destination is a club where your child attends. It can be in school such as Lego club or the choir and also includes a variety of places such as The Dome for swimming and ice skating lessons. A Learning Destination is an organisation that offers learning opportunities for children outside normal school hours i.e. before and after school; they can be in the form of a club, visit or event.

There is a list of Learning Destinations that can be found on our school website. A Learning Destination will have the CU logo to show they are a member like this:


Why validate after school learning?

National Children’s University® validation provides you with the confidence that what your child is doing is of a good standard and is fun.


How does it work?

Throughout the year you will receive information regarding after school clubs that your child may attend, children will collect credits for each hour they spend attending after school clubs. The credits are collected in a ‘Passport to Learning’ which is available to buy from school. Children will receive a Children’s University ‘National Award’ once they have reached Bronze (30 hours) Silver (65 hours) and Gold (100 hours) Awards continue up to 1,000 hours. Certificates are awarded as children move through the different levels. Each year in recognition of their hard work children are invited to a Graduation Event or Special day out at Doncaster College. Please note children may only collect credits from validated learning destinations; please contact the Children’s University office for details of validated Learning Destinations.


How much do the passports cost?

£2.00 each and they can purchased at the school office.


How do I know my children’s credits are monitored?

Saltersgate Junior School and the other Learning Destinations agree to sign your child’s passport after each club or visit and inform Doncaster Children’s University.  Once a term a member of the Children’s University team come into school and keep a data base of hours that children have completed. They will notify the school when the next Graduation Ceremony will be held and who will be graduating.

Please note that children will be expected to keep their passports safe and they will be responsible for presenting their passports for signing in school and at other validated Learning Destinations.


 Why does my child’s school want to join?

An increasing amount of evidence supports the theory that children who volunteer to learn outside the classroom develop a more positive attitude to learning and achieve greater academic success. Your child’s school wants to give your child every opportunity to succeed as we are sure you do. National validation of the Children’s University key finding says that

√  Being in the CU significantly improves school attendance.

√  Achievement is significantly better at key Stages 1 to 3 for children who participate compared to non-attenders.

If you still have a query or would like more information -  then telephone on 01302 558201 or email childrensuniversity@don.ac.uk


Click this link to take you to Doncaster Children’s University website:



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