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Saltersgate Junior School is now officially a Green Flag school! We are proud to say that we are one of only a few schools in Doncaster that have achieved this accolade, and we are proudly displaying our green flag in the school grounds. 

The Eco-Schools programme covers a variety of environmental themes, ranging from litter and waste to healthy living and biodiversity. To achieve Eco Schools status we have to demonstrate work in three key areas, as well as a whole school ethos towards Eco Schools and sustainability. Some of the criteria we have already carried out in school include:

  • A formal environmental review of the school with the help of Mr Tyrer.
  • Each class now has an action plan displayed which explains how we can achieve a more eco-friendly school.
  • Each class has appointed a light monitor to ensure lights are only being used when necessary.
  • The action plan suggested that all classes should have a plant and as a result plant monitors have been selected to ensure they are well cared for.
  • An Eco-School display with our Eco-Code and other useful information.

We are currently working on two further topics – School Grounds and Biodiversity – in order to maintain our Green Flag status.


We also achieved the Doncaster Free Press Eco Schools Award (for a second time) in 2013 – thanks to the great efforts of our Eco Warriors! All our Eco Awards can be seen on display in the reception area.


We also hold whole school events, led by our Eco Council, to help engage pupils and develop their understanding of environmental issues. This year each class learned how to calculate their ecological footprint – this told them how 


many planet earths we would use up if we continue to live the way that we do? Year 3 went on to learn about renewable energy sources and presented tier findings back to the school; Year4 created a fashion show using recycled clothing and materials; Year 5 created mini-beast hotels and learned about biospheres; whilst Year6 created miniature gardens to go on display around school.

Updated June 2014