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In July 2013 we achieved the Investors in Pupils Award.  It is a charter mark award designed to develop pupils’ responsibility and participation in their own education. This exciting award is based around 5 key areas in school: attendance; classroom management; learning; behaviour and induction. The aim is to empower all pupils, increase their motivation and contribute to raising their achievement. The information below explains some of the ways in which our pupils and staff worked to achieve this:

Investors in Pupils Board

In every classroom in the school, you will see a display of individual pupil targets, which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound). These are displayed in a variety of ways throughout the year groups (e.g. frogs on lily pads, rockets, water bubbles) and move as pupils are working towards achieving them. All pupils were given time to choose their academic and personal target and aim to achieve them at least every half term. There is also a class target and reward displayed which may be achieved weekly or over a half term and a class 'mission statement’.  


Induction Booklet

Each class has designed and produced an 'induction booklet'. This contains all information needed for new pupils, including general school information and information that is specific to that class to help welcome a new pupil to Saltersgate Junior School and help them to settle in quickly.

Pupil Rules and Responsibilities

As Investors in Pupils, all pupils are expected to take responsibility within their class and school. Some jobs require the pupils to fill out an application form and undertake an interview. These are a small selection of the types of jobs pupils might do: handing out registers, watering plants, tidying the bookshelf in the class or library, helping in the office during lunch time and being lunch time assistants in the dining hall.

'Investors' is about children taking control of their learning.

We believe that taking part in the programme helps our children achieve high standards in their education and equips them with important life skills.


Budget Challenge

Every class has been given their own budget of £50 to spend on anything they want or need over the year. This could be something for the classroom e.g new pens, glue sticks, rulers, paint or something else...

BUT ...There is a catch!!!!!

Members of the Investors in Pupils consultation group have created a price list for things that get regularly damaged, wasted or go missing in each class. The cost of these damaged, wasted or lost items will be deducted from the class budget of £50. In July 2014, whatever money each class has left is theirs to use as they wish on a treat e.g. CDs, wet play board games, a class picnic, craft products, DVDs or whatever all the children agree on. 

Mrs Oxer looks forward to seeing if each class can keep their £50 to spend at the end of the year!


Learning about the roles of staff in school

In order to meet the Investors in Pupils standard, children learnt to be more aware of the roles adults play in their learning, how school finances work and what money is spent on and the different responsibilities staff have in order to make our school the best place for children.

To help children learn about different staff roles in school, staff and governors led assemblies where they talked about their roles in school and had a question and answer session with all the children. Members of the Investors in Pupils consultation group also interviewed and filmed staff which was played in whole school assemblies.