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Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School

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At Saltersgate, we recognise and cater for the importance of the core subjects but we also know that to encourage children to develop a well-informed perspective on their lives and the world around them, we have to safeguard a broad and balanced curriculum.  To this end, we ensure that a wide range of subjects is represented within our provision and we continually seek to ensure natural cross-curricular links between specific subjects.  All aspects of the curriculum are now covered through our Cornerstones Curriculum, which offers an innovative and child-centered approach to learning.  Through Cornerstones the children access the foundation subjects of Science, Georgraphy, History, PSHCE, Music, Art and Design and Technology.  Each unit has a primary focus although they also cover a range of different areas as well.

In seeking continuity of skills, knowledge, understanding and experience, we have policies and schemes of work for each subject area, based upon national guidelines.  Our planning takes account of children’s previous and future learning and we liaise closely with our feeder school and the local secondary school in this regard.  We seek to deliver teaching and learning in an interesting way using a variety of resources, especially ICT, to make the learning more accessible to the children.  There are many out-of-hours opportunities for pupils to extend their learning.  These may be in the form of clubs at lunchtime or after school or specially organised events such as our ‘twilight technology’ family learning sessions.  Curriculum delivery is enhanced by regular drama workshops for children, particularly related to history and literature, and with day trips to local venues to focus upon specific tasks, usually related to science, RE, geography and PSHE.  In addition to this we also organise residential visits to promote self-esteem and independence.

Our curricular provision is reviewed regularly and we aim to ensure it is appropriate to the children’s needs at any given time. 

We currently teach French throughout school. Madame Moiso, a qualified teacher from Junior Jam, is employed to deliver French lessons to pupils in all year groups. Planning is in line with the new curriculum and she uses a range of practical resources to facilitate teaching and learning. Pupils enjoy the lessons and, through speaking and listening activities, have a great deal of opportunity to practise their pronunciation.  

We are now using the Cornerstones Curriculum. Please click on the number below for each year group.