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Year 3

In Year 3, we recognise the impact and importance of transitioning to a new school and we place a great emphasis on settling the children in, helping them with their independence skills and supporting them to feel safe in their new learning environment. 

We use a skills based curriculum that covers subjects such as: music, art and design, history, geography and science. We focus on lessons that inspire, engage and motivate a curiosity for learning; building on previous skills in a spiral curriculum that enables learners to see how their successes move them forward.

A flavour of the lessons we cover can be found below...


We cover a range of science areas, and use scientific inquiry skills to engage and develop the children's understanding of investigations and variables. Topic areas include:

  • Plants and habitats
  • Life cycles
  • Human Skeleton
  • Rocks and Soils
  • Light and Sound
  • Forces: magnets


We cover the early periods in history, such as The Stone Age, Ancient Greece and The Romans, preparing them for further studies in Year 4 moving up the history timeline.



We focus on the local area and link it to the Roman settlement in 'Danum'. Using local walks, map work and inquiry skills, we look at how our local landscape has changed and how the Roman invasion impacted on our country. The children also research more environmental issues such as settlers and trading, habitats and graffiti and vandalism. We build on their skills from previous lessons and incorporate other subject areas such as art and literacy.


Art and Design:

We use a range of mediums to develop the children's art and design skills: tonal work in pencil and paint; construction skills linked to Isambard Brunel's bridge designs; bread making through food technology linked to The Roman era; and clay work linked to The Stone Age, Ancient Greek vases and modern day pinch pots.