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If you need to contact school for urgent safeguarding concerns over the holiday's, please contact or call or text 07714150346. 

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Welcome to our website!

At Saltersgate Junior School, our vision is ‘Striving for Excellence’ and we aim to prepare all the children in our care with the skills, behaviours and values that will equip them to take their place and make a significant contribution in their local community and the wider world. To do this, we aim to provide outstanding teaching and a positive learning environment where each child feels happy and safe and is able to have experiences that develop resilience, a growth mindset and a lifelong love of learning.

We believe in healthy competition, and are a performance-minded school; children need to be prepared for the outside world knowing that success is not a given and that practice and perseverance are desirable qualities. To facilitate this, children are encouraged to attend sports and a variety of enterprise events, and success and endurance are both recognised and rewarded inside school, alongside our expected behaviour recognition scheme. We call this RESPECT and you will find this in abundance throughout the school.

We are outward looking, and seek to engage with the wider community, to benefit others, not just ourselves, and do this in innovative and creative ways- a key part of this is to develop a strong partnership between parents and the school to ‘strive for excellence’ in all aspects of our children’s lives.

You are welcome to come into school to share and celebrate what we are doing and should this website leave you with any unanswered questions, do please contact us. The Saltersgate Junior Team are happy to meet with you.

Respectfully yours,

Mr P Chambers- Headteacher

Letter for Families - February 2022

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